Trew Extract
What you won’t find in cheaper, poorly designed TrewExtract formulas are TrewExtract’s unique, hand-picked terpenes. Terpenes are aromatic metabolites of the hemp plant that have powerful synergistic, health-boosting effects.
While terpenes in the hemp plant number as many as 200, or even more, TrewExtract’s ’magic four’ terpenes have been isolated and identified via state-of-the-art clinical and pre-clinal research for their powerful, health-changing effects.
These specific terpenes interact with and support TrewExtract’s arsenal of full-spectrum CBDs.
Inside every TrewExtract formula, you’ll find and feel the benefits of:
Apionene –  a powerful terpene that provides greater mental focus and calmness.
Linalool – One of Nature’s most potent terpenes that relieves the symptoms of PTSD and stress.
Myrcene – this abundant terpene complements TrewExtract’s unmatched cannabidiols by providing a strong, sedative effect.
Beta-Caryophyllene – a powerful anti-inflammatory substance used for quick, effective relief for pain and inflammation.