CBD•TRU Creme’s topical salve products are made with Pure CBD. CBD•TRU is the only CBD salve that is scientifically proven to carry 4 medications transdermal. Try our proprietary blends to relieve anxiety, arthritis, migraines, pain and many other severe and chronic diagnoses.

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Transdermal pure CBD topical salve

Scientifically proven to carry 4 medicinal transdermals, get CBD topicals that aid happy and healthy skin. Our proprietary CBD topicals, CBD salve and CBD creams relieve you from anxiety, arthritis, joint pain and migraines without any side effects. Available in perfect 100mg packs CBD.TRU produces special topicals for Anti-aging, Migraine, Anxiety and Original CBD topical. Choose your cream and get instant relief.

Why use CBD topicals, CBD cream?

Research has found that the application of topicals has the potential to relieve pain and inflammation externally and internally. It is also a fact that there are CBD receptors on our skin. Given the natural benefits of CBD, topicals are an ideal way to treat your muscle pain and repair your tissues permanently. Easy to use and effective, CBD topicals are the best alternative to traditional ways of pain relief.

Why CBD•TRU Creme?

At CBD•TRU we believe in manufacturing our products 110% organically. Get the best of CBD from all-natural, Non-GMO Hemp plants. Grown in the United States and processed in this great nation, CBD.TRU is a truly American initiative. CBD salve, CBD creams, or any other CBD topical needs. 100% pesticide-free and 100% skin-friendly. Nourish your skin and heal your knees with the full-body benefits of CBD. Topicals that are magical.