What is neuropathy?

Neuropathy is the science of pain caused by damaged neurons. Our body consists of a peripheral nervous system that is spread throughout our body. This peripheral nervous system acts as a bridge between the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) and the rest of our body.

Neuropathic pain disrupts the normal nerve signaling in three major ways:

  • Loss of signals exchanged between the central nervous system and body
  • False signaling when there is no real pain
  • Communication errors that disrupt the body functioning

When somebody suffers from a serious disease such as cancer, diabetes, epilepsy etc it causes severe damage to neurons. They break the peripheral nervous system networks and induce excruciating pain.

Peripheral neuropathy significantly disrupts the quality of life for patients. They experience emotional, cognitive and functional problems leading to occupational and everyday functional impairment. Damaged, dysfunctional or injured neurons send wrong signals to pain centers in the central nervous system.

Prescription medicines and neuropathy

Patients that have damaged neurons feel tingling pain in specific parts of the body. Due to severe medication for severe diseases their body suffers a lot of chemical damage. While prescription are treating the disease they are causing permanent damage to their bodies.

Lyrica, a popular diabetes medication causes numbness in the body rendering the patient unable to perform daily functions.

Lyrica medication for a long time has shown numerous side effects in patients. Chemotherapy is another such treatment. Cancer patients going through chemotherapy develop various other illnesses and limitations as a result of chemotherapy.

As much as 60 to 70% of diabetic patients have identifiable nerve damage. This nerve damage then leads to neuropathic pain equivalent to a thousand needles poking.

These serious diseases already cause symptoms such as nausea, exhaustion, depression and extreme discomfort. If you add neuropathic pain to this it is impossible to deal with.

Patients all across the world have been waiting for an alternative. Thanks to the legalisation of hemp, marijuana and other cannabis derivatives. They can find effective pain relief without the addictive prescription medicines.

There have been many studies that point out to CBD and THC, two main ingredients of the ancient medicinal plant Cannabis. Both these compounds are being used for pain and stress relief already. With more product innovation in this industry, CBD is posing as a preferable alternative to traditional neuropathic pain medicines.

CBD for neuropathy

While there are many proponents and opponents of CBD. Constant clinical research has made it available to the people easily. CBD or Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring element found in Cannabis plant family.

CBD is so effective that it can reduce pain almost instantly. As soon as you administer CBD in your body it starts reacting with CBD receptors naturally present in our bodies. These receptors are spread throughout our body.

The reason for this reactivity of CBD is the endocannabinoid system present in our bodies. Human by birth have a endocannabinoid system that is spread throughout our body. This system is responsible for regulation, protecting and maintaining a lot of bodily functions including appetite, mood, pain and memory. CBD acts by activating this system and supporting its maintenance and proper functioning.

The endo-cannabinoid system runs parallely in some respect with endorphin system. Endorphin system plays an important role in pain management of our body. CB1 receptor stimulation in these parts of the body reduces pain, inflammation and hyperalgesia.

Another system that is integral to the development and maintenance of neuropathic pain is the glutamatergic system. Cannabinoids such as CBD are presynaptic inhibition of glutamate release. It acts as a neuroprotective agent that displays anti-oxidant properties greater than vitamin C and vitamin E.

CBD has shown a lot of beneficial properties for treating chronic pain induced by decades of pharmaceutical medicines. It is the organic alternative to opioids that are normally prescribed as pain medication. It can effectively reduce the pain caused by nerve damage.

In a clinical trial on patients suffering from chronic pain used Cannabis to manage their pain. Participants reported that they felt their pain being reduced by as much as 30% when smoking cannabis flowers. The report concluded that smoking cannabis effectively reduced chronic neuropathic pain without major side effects induced by traditional medicines.

Following a nerve injury, neurons along the nociceptive pathway are exposed to irregular sensitization leading to growth of pain sensitive nerve endings. Cannabinoids are capable of reducing the pain at cellular levels by inhibiting nociceptive conduction in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord and the spinothalamic tract. The activation of CB2 receptors in immune cells decreases the release of nociceptive agents in the body.

How to use CBD for neuropathy

CBD comes in various forms these days. It can be ingested, smoked, applied to the skin or mixed with drinks. There are many possible ways of using this organic pain relief medicine. The most common being smoking. With the recent legalisation of Hemp and CBD there is constant product innovation in this industry.

People looking for CBD to reduce their pain have a lot of options in a lot of states of the US. Similarly there are many countries where medical marijuana is legal and is readily available by just showing a photo ID.

Here the various ways in which you can use CBD for pain:


A concentrated form of tincture that is produced from Hemp plants. CBD Oil generally contains CBD molecules infused with Hemp oil. This oil can be used with anything.

You can directly apply a few drops under your tongue. Mixing CBD oil with water, milk or drinks is also okay. The most readily available product. CBd oil comes in three types: Full spectrum, broad spectrum and Isolates

Full Spectrum CBD oil contains all natural elements found in the plant such as flavonoids, terpenes and other cannabinoids. It also contains trace amounts of THC. Full Spectrum CBD oil is supposed to give the entourage effect. Which means that CBD reacts better and helps manage pain better when administered with all naturally occurring elements.

Broad Spectrum CBD oil is very similar to full spectrum. The only difference being that broad spectrum does not have THC. It is the psychoactive free version of full spectrum. A lot of people do not prefer THC and still want the entourage effect. For them broad spectrum CBD oil gives the desired effects.

CBD Isolate oil is pure concentrated CBD without any other element. It contains pure CBD and does not host flavonoids, terpenes or THC. For patients who only want to experiment with CBD Isolate is an ideal choice.

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals such as salve and cream are applicable forms of CBD that can be directly applied to the areas that pain. A non smoking alternative to relieving pain. CBD salves and creams are lotion and ointment replacements that guarantee pain relief on applied areas.

For neuropathic patients that have excruciating pain in areas of the body. CBD topicals are the most ideal solutions. Just apply a little bit on the affected areas and you will notice pain relief.

Best for targeted pain relief, CBD topicals are infused with pure CBD and other skin nourishing agents to ensure a healthy skin free from pain. It takes a little longer for CBD to be absorbed by the skin but it works with equal efficiency.

There are numerous CB receptors beneath our skin and CBD absorbs in the skin and directly reaches these CB receptors to ensure pain relief.

Neuropathic patients feel pain in the hands and feet. There have been cases where people have not been able to sleep due to the tingling pain in their hands and feet. CBD topicals is the solution for that. It can be directly applied to target pain related areas.

CBD Gummies

Gummy bears are a staple food that everybody loves. CBD infused gummy bears are age old tasty treats with a CBD twist. These sugary treats are the best for patients looking for a tasty way to use CBD.

Available in 25mg pieces, every sugary treat contains pure CBD with a sweet addictive taste. Patient that have a problem with the taste of CBD should opt for CBD gummies.

CBD Isolate Powder

CBD isolate is concentrated form of pure CBD extract. Patients looking to use CBD in their cooking as a way to ease their pain will be amazed at how effective CBD isolate powder can be.

Derived from natural Hemp these come in crystalline form to make it easy to mix. Guaranteed potency call for caution while using this medicine.

Works perfectly well as an ingredient for cooking your regular food, or baking novelties or mixing with drink. CBD isolate powder is a way for foodies to avail the benefits of CBD through tasty food.

CBD Flowers

These are smokable buds from hemp plants. The oldest form of using CBD. Flowers are carefully curated buds from the plant. These are available by weight and come in many different strains.

With the advances in biotechnology, seeds are specially synthesized to produce a desired effect. Each strain has a clearly identified effect making it easier for buyers to know what they are getting into.

Depending upon the kind of effect you want you can choose from many available strain. Rolling a joint is an easy thing to do. You need CBD flowers and rolling papers.

Crush the flower into granular form and place it in the paper and roll it to form a conical shape. Spark the conical roll from one end and enjoy the benefits of CBD while smoking.


CBD for neuropathic pain is a strong alternative. With the recent legislation, it is readily available. For enthusiasts looking to try CBD it is necessary that you choose your options carefully. Hope that this article helps you make that choice easily. CBD•TRU aims to bridge the gap between neuropathic patients and the most ideal CBD product for them.


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