CBD•TRU formulas contain pure, whole plant, pharmaceutical-quality hemp oil extract, the same remarkable substance used in research studies worldwide.
These advanced formulas are designed for maximum results. Preclinical data shows that multiple cannabinoids, like that found in all CBD•TRU are far more effective at reducing pain than a single cannabinoid.
This is called the ‘entourage affect.’ University of Milan investigators found that single cannabinoids like those found in cheaper formulas produce limited relief compared to full- spectrum, whole plant extracts, which are brimming with multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. CBD•TRU delivers organic, pharmaceutical-quality whole plant extract that offers the full-spectrum of hemp’s healing compounds.

Inside every CBD•TRU formula, you’ll find and feel the benefits of:

Apionene –  a powerful terpene that provides greater mental focus and calmness.
Linalool – One of Nature’s most potent terpenes that relieves the symptoms of PTSD and stress.
Myrcene – this abundant terpene complements CBD•TRU’s unmatched cannabidiols by providing a strong, sedative effect.
Beta-Caryophyllene – a powerful anti-inflammatory substance used for quick, effective relief for pain and inflammation.