CBD supplements that compliment your taste buds well. Easy to use, simple to dose available in soft gel or gummy bears. Get 25mg pure CBD in every capsule of our range of CBD supplements. Directly comparable to the AM & PM tincture. CBD•TRU, true to your health.

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Supplements that compliment your body

Get CBD supplements that stay true to your body. Build strength without the body stress with CBD•TRU full spectrum CBD capsules. Soft gel CBD extracts pre-dosed fast-absorbing capsules that are better for people with the sensitivity of taste. Available in 750mg units containing 30 capsules, 25mg soft gel capsules. Get the tastiest CBD supplement in CBD•TRU 100% vegan gummies. Available in 750mg packets of 30 CBD gummies with 25mg pure full-spectrum CBD in each.

Why supplement CBD?

Our body biologically consists of an endocannabinoid system that is made up of CBD receptors spread all across our body. If you’re a gym freak or an athlete, your body goes through a lot of stress. Provide your body much needed recovery with full-spectrum CBD that nourishes your body and helps in post-workout recovery.

CBD supplements digest in your stomach and spread its beneficial effects throughout your body. Just as good food nourishes your body, CBD supplements ensure that nourishment heals your body. Smokeless, convenient and easy to eat, CBD supplements are a great way to use CBD. Get an exact dosage of full-spectrum CBD whenever in a hurry with CBD infused capsules and gummies.

CBD•TRU supplements for a healthy body

100% vegan free gummies, with a pleasant taste and effective dosage. Whether you’re starting or looking for a quick fix for your CBD needs, CBD supplements will meet your needs. Grown and manufactured proudly in the United States, 100% gluten-free, non-GMO, organically grown without the use of pesticides and feeds. CBD•TRU always aspires to promote the actual effects of CBD and help millions benefit from full-spectrum CBD.