Cannabis has established itself as an organic alternative for people with a long list of diseases and symptoms. It is everywhere and in many forms. CBD oil, tinctures, topicals, edibles, and flowers are just a few readily available forms of CBD. Ever since the legalization of Hemp production in 2018, entrepreneurs have been creating numerous products and innovating different versions of CBD.

Today we’ll try and throw some light on two different types of CBD oil available in the market. Full-spectrum and pure CBD isolate are two big names that have surfaced in this industry. Are you confused about the benefits of both? Well, confuse yourself no more. We have got all the information about this right here. Read your confusion away!


CBD is a cannabinoid predominantly found in the Hemp plant belonging to the Cannabis plant family. Another dominant and famous cannabinoid is THC.

THC is a psychoactive compound that leads to its users experiencing different neurological side effects such as psychosis or anxiety. This is the compound that produces the stigmatic ‘high’ everybody is afraid of.

CBD, on the other hand, is an antipsychotic instead. It works on healing the body. Biologically speaking it clogs the CB receptors that react with THC and produce undesirable effects. CBD can be thought of as a disciplinary compound that strictly adheres to helping our bodies instead of playing with the mind.

CBD has been medically found to be an anti-inflammatory, pain reliever and anti-anxiety compound. More than this, the discovery of the Endocannabinoid system, a neural network of CB receptors in our bodies has proved that compound such as CBD can effectively manage symptoms of numerous diseases.

Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum

Full Spectrum CBD oil is pure CBD extracts with essential terpenes, cannabinoids and phenolics. While Isolate CBD oil is pure CBD without anything else. While CBD is very beneficial, the effectiveness of CBD also depends upon other constituents in the oil. Terpenes and phenolics are naturally occurring compounds found in the same plant as CBD i.e. Hemp.

Broad spectrum CBD oil is essentially full spectrum CBD oil without any THC. It gives users the complete benefits of cannabinoids, terpenes, and phenolics without the mind-altering effects of THC. Although the amount of THC found in full-spectrum CBD oil isn’t producing major mind-altering effects. But broad-spectrum CBD oil is for those who are averse to THC.

The Entourage Effect

Entourage effect means the collective effect of CBD and other naturally occurring compounds found in cannabis.

Full spectrum CBD oil produces a psychoactive entourage effect due to the presence of traces of THC in it. While broad-spectrum CBD oil produces an entourage effect without the psychoactive properties of THC.

This entourage effect has been found to be more effective than the effects of pure CBD isolate. Pure CBD isolate has a limit to the amount of usefulness it can offer independently. While when combined with other naturally occurring terpenes, flavonoids and phenolics the effects of CBD are enhanced.

The difference between the two is the ratio of effectiveness in anti-inflammation properties and the dose of CBD. While pure CBD does not produce more effects with the increase in dosage. Full spectrum and Broad spectrum CBD oil tend to increase the amount of anti-inflammation it offers with an increase in the dosage.

Hence it can be concluded that the entourage effect is a way of increasing the effectiveness of CBD with an increase in the dosage.

Benefits of full spectrum CBD oil

Now that we know what are the different types of CBD oil and how they can be more effective for enhanced benefits let’s get down to the benefits full spectrum CBD oil can offer:

Relieving Pain

Full spectrum CBD oil is an effective pain reliever. The first use of cannabis as a pain medicine dates back to 2900 BC. Even before that the Chinese were using Cannabis as a regular component of medicines for many diseases.

CBD reduces chronic pain by acting on the endocannabinoid system responsible for regulating and repair paining body parts. It puts the endocannabinoids to work by activating neurotransmitters responsible for pain

CBD in combination with a minute amount of THC, terpenes and other components of Cannabis are increasingly effective in reducing the pain that comes with chronic diseases like multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are the most common mental disease. They have the most devastating effects on our lives. World Health Organisation attributes depression to be the biggest contributor to disability worldwide, while anxiety ranks sixth. 

Traditional pharmaceutical medicines for these diseases are addictive and produces harmful side effects. While on the other hand, Full Spectrum CBD oil does not have any major side effects and is not addictive. 

In a study Cannabidiol was found to reduce the anxiety induced by the fear of public speaking. The participants that received 600 mg of CBD saw significant reduction in anxiety, cognitive malfunction ad discomfort while public speaking.

In children suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, CBD oil has safely reduced insomnia and anxiety experienced by them. Several animal studies have pointed to the effectiveness of CBD in producing anti-depressant effects.

Effective in treating side effects of Cancer treatment

Full spectrum CBD oil may help in reducing the chronic side effects of cancer treatment. Chemo-therapy is deliberate killing of cancer cells present in your body. 

The problem with killing is that it affects other parts of the body and causes side effects such as nausea, weakness, loss of appetite, vomiting and excruciating pain. 

CBD as an anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, appetite building agent is useful in managing these adverse side effects. Full Spectrum CBD oil with its entourage effect might solve these problems more effectively. Increased doses of full spectrum CBD might have increased benefits.


Neurological disorders such as epilepsy and multiple sclerosis cause complete body shutdown attacks. Seizure they call it, are the worst thing that could happen to a patient. 

A study based on Sativex, a THC and CBD infused oral spray found that the medicinal properties of full spectrum CBD reduced muscle spasms 75% of 250+ participants. CBD combined with its naturally fellow compounds acts on the endocannabinoid system and stops seizures almost instantly.

Another study on epileptic patients found that CBD oil when used in the ratio of 0.9-2.3 grams of CBD oil per pound of body weight reduced seizures by 36.5% per patient. 


These are a few of the many benefits that Full spectrum CBD oil has to offer. With the statewide legalization of CBD, researchers have furnished enough proof for anybody to use this naturally occurring compound. Many researchers are currently pursuing the benefits of the entourage effects of Full spectrum CBD oil. It is safe to use, safe to experiment in small amounts. An ideal method adopted by many is starting with minuscule doses and increasing the doses based on the effects felt. CBD is not for everybody but it is definitely an organic alternative for everybody.

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